Founded as a family business, today the company represents a truly bespoke technology, where the project is created in close collaboration with the customer.

What makes our products special is an eye for the detail and the care put into the solutions we have developed and honed over the years.

Our undercarriages are designed with an integrated hydraulic system which is completely protected inside the structure. This makes it possible to considerably reduce or even completely eliminate on-site maintenance work and guarantees a longer life.

The mechanical lock with wedge is one of those simple but ingenious solutions that have allowed us to completely eliminate any ‘play’ between the central part of the undercarriage and the sliding beams. With this kind of lock, it’s possible to fasten track without operator intervention and, most importantly, it requires no maintenance.
This makes it possible to have a structure that can be widened, with the same solidity, strength and working precision of a rigid structure.

Sottocarro Sampierana
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